Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wacky Prison Weather Part 2

So after a lengthy discussion today, Min-tern and I have decided that she has brought the wrath of the weather upon us because yesterday was the second tornado I have seen in my life ALL IN THE SAME SUMMER.
As I was leaving work yesterday, I looked to the north and saw some completely normal looking rain clouds and the a very weird brown line of rain raining down. I also noticed that the rain was raining so hard it was kicking dirt up around it. "Hm. That's weird. It must be raining really hard over there," I thought and hurried on my way to master control to avoid the rain.  As I was leaving the lobby I jokingly told the lobby officer "Have a good night! Stay dry and watch for tornadoes!" to which he laughed and said ok.
Well little did I know, that weird brown rain was ACTUALLY A TORNADO. The person whose job it is to sound the tornado alarm had an epic fail yesterday because I could CLEARLY see the storm, but was not alarmed because there was no alarm.  I only discovered how close I was to an untimely demise when I got home and turned on the news while I was eating dinner.
So now in my life I have seen two tornadoes from prison. What are the odds? Until next time, stay safe and watch the skies!

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