Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prison Trivia Laugh o' the Day

My minions and I like to have trivia contests periodically where we give out fun and inexpensive prizes like bookmarks.  Today the trivia question was "In what year was the Declaration of Independence signed?"  Now, for most anyone who attended 8th grade history, this is a relative no-brainer.  However, I received all of the following answers today:


"I don't know how to use the library."  (This patron was promptly given a quick library instruction lesson, and ended up giving the correct answer at the end of the hour.)


"1776 BC!" (So close, yet so far...)


And this exchange:
Patron: "I want a bookmark!"
Me: "You have to tell me the answer to the trivia question."
Patron: "Ok, what is it!"
Me: "Umm, YOU have to tell ME."
Patron: "Oh...."

To be fair (and rescue my faith in humanity and public education) we have had approximately 30 correct answers so far.  But, future prison librarians, this is a good lesson in remembering that something that is common knowledge to you may not be known to everyone else, and people love answering trivia questions for bookmarks.  Until next time!

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