Friday, July 11, 2014

Some days you just KNOW it's going to be a good day

Greetings, and Happy Finally Friday loyal readers!  Today's blog post is actually about yesterday where all of the following things happened to me before 8:30 am:

1. I had an excellent conversation with the new Mail Room staff about intellectual freedom and how it doesn't make sense to let in the local news magazine that is chock full of ads for drugs and phone sex hotlines (aside about phone sex hotlines: if you transpose the numbers of our ILS help desk hotline, it will actually take you to a phone sex hotline.  I have no idea what I mis-dialed but you can imagine my surprise as I heard a sultry-sounding recording start talking to me about "having some fun" when I was expecting an IT professional haha.) but the latest issue of Cosmopolitan is being challenged due to "sexually explicit material" which I am sure is some gratuitous side-boob and possibly some drawings of people to illustrate the "24 latest blow-your-mind-sex-tips" which are recycled in some form or another every other month.  The mail room staff agreed with me that if a child can buy a magazine at the grocery store, we do not need to be censoring it, which is a definite change from past staff.

2. I finally figured out how to add the new logo to my email signature.  On Wednesday this was causing me great consternation because the instructions simply said "Open the file, and copy and paste it into your email signature."  Now, I am an official, real-life librarian, and I COULD NOT figure it out which was causing me great stress.  Well, the next day they sent better instructions, which included about 5 more steps to get the permissions to copy the image and have it actually show up when pasted.  Now I am "compliant" with that part of the organizational change and I must admit, it is much better than what I had.

3. While going through my mail I had two offender kites that were inquiring about their library accounts in a polite tone AND used the word "Please."  Amazing.  Perhaps my Campaign for Courtesy is working muahahahahaha.

4. The newspaper came before I arrived at work, which is always cause for celebration.

5. Also while going through my mail I discovered someone donated a book to us titled White Trash Zombie Apocalypse.  Words can not even describe the level of glee Min-tern and I had at this discovery.  Ah, good times.

Yesterday was also good because I had a lovely site visit from one of my colleagues from another facility.  It is always nice to be able to spend time with fellow prison librarians, so I highly recommend that if your prison libraries or potential prison libraries do not have mandatory visits with other facilities you draft a proposal about all its benefits post haste.  If you want me to review the wording, I will be happy to assist.

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