Thursday, April 30, 2015

Team Library- We find Pills. AGAIN!

Greetings readers!

Yesterday Mintern found a pill outside the bathroom! Thinking it was a skittle, she picked it up and then upon realizing what it was, immediately brought it to me for direction.

(Note: Mintern may or may not have once dropped a pistachio on the office floor and then picked it up to eat it because 10 Second Rule, only to find out it was not the pistachio... Don't judge her lol.)

As long time readers may remember from the last time we found pills, we immediately took it to the clinic for identification and to see if she needed to officially report her findings.

Upon further review, the pill turned out to be a stool-softener. (That would explain why she found it outside the bathroom...) The nurse disposed of it and our adventure for the day was concluded. It may have been Mintern's first found pill, but it definitely won't be the last!

Until next time!

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