Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mr. Dr. Street Thug Hustler meets Mintern. Again.

Hello readers, and Happy Tuesday!

You may remember the following  character from a few blogs back: Mr. Dr. Street Thug Hustler--the smooth-talkin' cat from the 'hood who has a doctorate in Streetology and a penchant for the ladies. Today he met Mintern (for the third time) and had a grand old time telling her all sorts of things while we did our Tuesday deliveries. Since I was busy helping patrons as well, I didn't get to hear the entire conversation but here are some snippets overheard and reported by Mintern.

M.D.S.T.H.: "Well hellllllllo there ladies! How you doin'."
Us: "We're good thanks, how are you?"
M.D.S.T.H.: "Oh you know. I been sickly lately. First time I've been up and about in DAYS."
(Note: he was up and about last week too. But we all know how prison time works and maybe he forgot that he was cruising around last week.)


M.D.S.T.H.: *to Mintern* "So. Wa's YOUR name?"
Mintern: "It's Ms. Mintern."
M.D.S.T.H.: "MINTERN! You know that's Irish!"
(Note: Mintern is not Irish.)

*Even Later*

M.D.S.T.H.: *To Mintern* "When are y'all goin' to start ILL'in' DVDs again? I went and got a new TV set up just so I could watch that new movie Lucy! I LOVE Scarlett Johansson! I jus' can't wait to see that new movie!"
(Note: The movie Lucy either just came to theaters or has not been released yet. It's going to be AT LEAST 18 months before we will be able to interlibrary loan it for him.)

This is just a snippet of our day, but you can see that this patron is indeed a high maintenance one. I am interested in hearing the stories from Mintern next week when I'm on vacation.

Until next time!

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