Thursday, January 1, 2015

In prison, it's best to trust your instincts

Hello readers, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope 2015 is an amazing year for all of you, filled with many good things and new or continued prison library jobs.

Today, I would like to talk about your gut instinct, and when you should listen to it in prison, which is always.

Case in point:  A couple days ago we were winding up an extremely cold snap and the snow was rumored to stop right around the time I was supposed to get the book drop.  I told the clerks "If the sun comes out and it stops snowing, we will get the book drop."  They said ok and went off to be counted.  12:30 rolled around and it was actually starting to get sunny, but a few snow flakes were falling.  I started walking to get the cart and head out when a little voice in my head said, "Don't get the book drop today."  Since I had a lot of things to catch up on after the holiday, I used the 30 minutes to work on interlibrary loans and thought nothing more of it.

Around 1:30 that afternoon, the Chaplain's clerk came in to ask if she could borrow the cart.  I told her ok, but not even 5 minutes later she rushed back into the library sans cart with a horrified look on her face.  "You are going to be so mad at me, I am so sorry!" she gushed.  "Uh, why?"  "I BLEW UP A TIRE ON YOUR CART I AM SO SORRYYYYY!!!"  So, one of the tires had blown as soon as she put the weight on the cart.  Luckily it happened to her in upper programs rather than us while we were out in below 0 temps with a heavy load of books.  LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS.

Until next time!

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