Friday, October 31, 2014

Library Ghost stories, Episode 7

Happy Halloweenie!!!!!!

Our final ghost story of this Halloween season points to poltergeist activity in the library, in addition to apparitions....

Back when I was working swing shifts, I was waiting for the evening library session to start and getting a little work done on my computer.  I heard a huge commotion in the library proper, which was weird because no movement had been called yet and my door was locked anyway...

I went out to investigate and noticed the Open/Closed sign that we have suction-cupped to the door had flown TEN FEET from the front door.  Now, sometimes it falls off when the suction cup loses it's suction but it has NEVER fallen more than inches from the door.  AND the suction cup and sign were not connected like they usually are when it just falls off.


It seems like the library ghost has been calm lately, which my conspiracy theorist clerk attributes to the giant picture she drew of an ogre that she says scared it away.  Be that as it may, just be advised, future prison librarians, that prisons are places where people live AND die, so you may or may not have to help some of the confused spirits along to the light, or be the brunt of their pranks when they just want to hang out and cause shenanigans. :-)

Until next time!

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