Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy Prison Dreams- Patron Edition

Hello readers and happy November! As you know, I am now a solo librarian and I think the situation is stressing my clerks out a little bit as evidenced by this conversation I had with one of them while getting the book drop the other day:

Clerk: "I had a nightmare about you last night!"
Me: "Hmm that's weird. What happened?"
Clerk: "I dreamed that you got a part time job at the grocery store and you stopped showing up for library all the time. Then you made US go work at the grocery store too! I've never even worked at the grocery store!"
Me: "That sounds like it was pretty stressful! But you know, the library is kind of like a grocery store for the mind!"

The clerks crack me up.

And now here's your Prison Laugh o' the Day:
*Overhead at the book drop*
Clerk #1: "Ugh, someone must've peed in her cheerios..."
Clerk #2: "Well it wasn't me!"
Clerk #3: "I like cheerios!"

Until next time!

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