Monday, October 27, 2014

Library Ghost stories, Episode 5

This one is not a ghost story per se, but definitely makes you go "Hmmmmmmmm."

One day Minion #1 was working and he got an offender's ID for a writing utensil.  When the offender gave the pencil back, he forgot to give her ID back and even forgot that it was in his pocket until he got home that evening.

Thinking nothing of it (he was planning to take it back to the unit when he retrieved book drop) Minion #1 got the work the next day and was shocked to discover that THE PATRON HAD DIED THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Now, she was older, but was still in good health and was not expected to kick the bucket.  Housing staff even put her roommate in segregation and was investigating her for murder!  Ultimately, the roommate was cleared, but now Minion #1 is extra mindful about never taking anyone elses' ID home and for good reason in my opinion!

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