Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staying healthy in prison, Part 2

So I was talking to one of my fellow librarians about my clerk having Whooping Cough and she asked if I had gotten the updated vaccine, to which I replied, "I got the one when I was little.  That's updated enough!" Well, turns out it is not and that's why she's my friend--brilliant! :-)  So I have decided to post a list of important vaccines for prison librarians as well as reasons why:

1. Whooping cough.  Because you never know when your clerks will come down with it because their moms were anti-vaccine.

2. Tetanus.  Remember the post about how librarians are expected to participate in facility shakedowns?  Well, if you are lucky enough to find the rusty shank, but unlucky enough to find it WITH YOUR UNGLOVED HAND THAT IS NOW BLEEDING, you will probably want to not get tetanus because I hear it is nasty.

3. Hepatitis.  A, B, C, D, H, I, J, Z......any Hepatitis you can get vaccinated for, you should.  Really, you can only get vaccinated for Hep A and B and there are only 5 types, but that is NOT something you want to contract, so get vaccinated.

4.  Chicken Pox.  I got it when I was in kindergarten, but it seems like kids nowadays just get the vaccine and never have to deal with the itchy spots.  If you are in that generation where you never got chicken pox in school, and never got around to getting vaccinated, probably should just do it because you never know with kids nowadays.

5.  Influenza.  Now, personally, every time I get the flu shot, I get so sick, so I never get one and I never get sick.  BUT, my immune system is a champ so you should probably get it unless you know that yours is a champ as well (i.e. you haven't taken a sick day in 15 months.)

And remember the Prison Golden Rule: If it's wet and it's not yours, DON'T TOUCH IT.

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