Friday, March 7, 2014

Prison Urban Legends, Episode 1

Sometimes there are stories that float around prison and while their origins are shady, EVERYONE knows them and swears up and down that they are true.  I heard this one the other day and I finally have an answer as to why so many of my books go missing when people parole.  But I take solace in the fact that at least somewhere out there, someone is reading them. :-)

Apparently, when you are in prison it is SUPER BAD LUCK to leave a book unfinished.  If you are in the middle of 12th of Never by James Patterson and the graveyard staff come in the middle of the night to pack you out because you're free now* and you have 20 pages left but they won't let you finish reading it, you are screwed and Karma will bring you back to prison just so you can finish reading that book.  Now, according to one of my clerks, if you read the last page and then throw the book with all your might against the wall you will be ok.  However, a second clerk debunked the first one by saying "That does NOT work, I tried it and look where I am, back where I started!"

However, I know one FOOLPROOF way to keep from coming back to prison, regardless of if you finished your book or not.  Change your behaviors and don't break the law.  It will work every time, I promise.

*Librarian Mythbusting Note: Most people are released in the morning, and they have PLENTY of notice to finish their books.

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