Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things you notice that you never noticed before prison, Episode I

Greetings readers!  Things have been more stressful than funny in prison lately, and I haven't had any good things for the blog until I was driving home today, and I saw a Sons of Silence motorcycle gang member.  The fact that I even noticed that got me to thinking, would I even have noticed that or known what his vest meant before I took Gang Training in prison?  I think probably not.  A motorcycle rider was a motorcycle rider was a motorcycle rider, and sometimes they like to ride in groups with balls and chains hanging from their handlebars and sometimes they just ride alone.  Although I never understood the super high handle bar thing.  Yes, your armpits are constantly being aired out, but don't your hands fall asleep?  It seems that it would be hard to keep the blood pumping up there on your cross country ride.

Anyway, seeing this Sons of Silence dude reminded me of the Hell's Angels guy I saw about a month ago and I came up with a new game.  It's called "Motorcycle Gangs I've Seen on the Highway BINGO."  So far I have two squares, and I am going to place them on the board by the free space so that I only need to see two more to win.  I think I'll also have a space for a Faux Hell's Angel, because one thing I learned in prison is that the Hell's Angels logo should ONLY be seen in profile, and if anyone gets a tattoo, or puts a patch on their vest with the skull facing forward, that is cause for DEATH.  Do NOT disrespect the Hell's Angels skull facing to the left, or you will DIE.  I might even make that one a floating wild card square, because if you see one before they are exterminated by the real Hell's Angels, well then you might as well buy a lotto ticket that day too because they are super rare.

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