Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So you want to be a prison librarian? Well here are some jobs that are open RIGHT MEOW

I came across these and I felt like I should share them with my dear readers, just in case anyone is inspired to take the leap into the field.

California Department of Corrections
Library Technical Assistant 
Senior Librarian 
The salaries are not terrible (although if you are paying off an expensive MLIS, I would not recommend applying for the Library Technical Assistant) and it says the recruitment process is "continuous" because there are positions open across California.  The qualifications assessment is pretty in-depth, but not too bad if you are serious about working in prison.

Washington Department of Corrections
Branch Library Associate (In-training)
Here, you actually work for the Secretary of State's office but there are positions open in three facilities.  These positions do not require a MLIS and the salaries reflect that, but I hear WA is one of the premier prison library systems and it would be a good entry into prison librarianship.

Illinois Department of Corrections
Library Associate
Starting salary is $3,508 so not too shabby.  Apply by 6/5/15.

Gadsden Correctional Facility in Florida
Library Manager
Click Search Openings and do a keyword search for Library.  However, be aware that this is a private prison, which means it is for-profit.  It is also a women's prison, so be prepared to deal with a lot of patron drama haha.

Remember, some states have residency requirements for employment.  Just read the instructions carefully so you don't waste your time and the recruiter's time.  I will keep posting more as I find them, and if you want me to look over your resume and/or cover letter you can email me at askaprisonlibrarian@gmail.com.

Until next time!

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