Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mintern's made it to the big time!

Greetings, Readers!  Today I want to share some big news with you about Mintern: she was interviewed for a blog post on the library job aggregator INALJ* and you can read the article here. 

Mintern spoke on the condition of anonymity so our former patrons or future patrons would not cause any shenanigans for her.   Also, prison policies state "Thou shalt not talk to the media without the Supreme Media Person's approval under penalty of DEATH or at the very least, firing..." so since Mintern likes her job, she could not very well come out and say "I am so and so and I represent the _____ DOC."  Prison politics are very strict about that kind of thing and they really want to control what kind of information comes out of that environment.  That's why this blog is "anony-mish."  We are never going to say who we are on here, but if you meet us at a conference, it will probably come out over drinks at happy hour.  Not that I don't say anything on here that I wouldn't say to the administration's face, but I don't want to cause any unnecessary problems.

I am very proud of Mintern-in the interview she is very articulate and has excellent reasons for choosing the prison library profession.  For all of you contemplating making the switch to a library career behind bars, I would suggest emailing any questions for which you want answers from a newbie perspective to and I will make sure she gets the email.

Until next time!

*Note: librarians LOVE acronyms, and this one is one that new MLIS grads say frequently: "I NEED A LIBRARY JOB!"  Haha.  Classic.

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