Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's all about your perspective...

Lately we have been having a ridiculous amount of trouble getting the local paper delivered to work.  Apparently the delivery person decided that he was not a good fit for the position so we have been having an assortment of substitutes, who sometimes bring the paper and sometimes not.

The other day I walked into work expecting no papers again, and the lobby officer asked me "Would you like the good news?" in a somber tone that, to me, immediately meant any good news would be followed by some crushing bad news.  "Sure," I replied skeptically. 

"The newspapers arrived at 6:29 this morning."  
"WHAT?!?!  That's great news!!!  What's the bad news?"
"There is no bad news," he said, "that's why I said 'Do you want the good news?'"

This exchange made me smile, because clearly you can never assume with some people.

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