Sunday, June 8, 2014

In prison, watch out for helicopters

Three Canadian Prisoners Escaped Saturday When A Helicopter Swooped Down And Picked Them Up
Good evening, future prison librarians! Just perusing Buzz Feed before bed and I saw this interesting piece out of Canada, eh.  One thing to know, when you are working in prison and you see a helicopter hovering dangerously close to the yard, SOUND THE ALARM like Nicki Minaj.  Helicopters and prison never end well for the prison officials because then we have to explain how we let some people escape and that's always awkward.
This article says it has happened twice in Canada, eh now but I know for sure it has also happened in other countries, like America.  Our emergency response plan also has a section on what to do if you see offenders escaping via this route.  However, personally the only attempted escape I have ever seen is someone trying to climb the trash gate.  At first glance, this may have seemed like a good idea, but I am sure upon seeing the not one, but two razor wire fences on the other side (that everyone knows about) the offender realized they wouldn't get too far and gave up. Congratulations, now not only do you look not that bright but you now have 2 more years added to your sentence.
Anyway, hopefully you never have to deal with this situation but just be careful and always watch the skies.  Until next time!

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