Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Escaped Convict Circle of Life

This post was inspired by one of my old library clerks.  She was working there when I first came to prison, and she was a great clerk.  She knew the job really well and was very polite and got along with everyone.  One day, she made parole and we said goodbye and I told her, "I hope to never see you again soon!" and she was off on her merry way.

Well, fast forward to this year's Ride the Rockies which went through a town known for its prisons.  Naturally, being a prison librarian I made HB and my other friend go with me to the Prison Museum where they had an exhibit dedicated to escaped convicts.  Upon looking at the Wall o' Shame, I noticed one face that looked very familiar.  "Hey!  I know this one!  She was one of my clerks!" I said, to the amusement and amazement of my travel companions.

In this small world of ours, wouldn't you know that the day I got back, I hear from one of my minions that they tried to hire a new clerk who got picked up for a different job instead.  When I asked what was her name, IT WAS THE SAME CLERK, trying to get her old job back.  

Some call it recidivism.  I call it just being too darn awesome at my job that they can't stay away.

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