Friday, December 4, 2015

Amazing program at a prison library

Hello dear readers, and Happy December!  I was Googling around about prison libraries a while back and came across this amazing program that was hosted by Denver Women's Correctional Facility in Colorado:

Now, THIS is an example of using your resources!  Malala was already in Denver for a speaking engagement, so what a fantastic idea to see if she would be willing to speak at the prison library too!  The fact that they made it around a book club for her book I am Malala is inspired, and genius!  I can see why Colorado has their reputation of one of the top prison library systems in the country.

Well done, everyone!  Thank you for being an example of being fearless and creative.  Remember, future prison librarians, it never hurts to ask for what you want because what's the worst they could say?  No?  And then if that is the case you are the same as when you started and if they say yes, then you have possibly the best program that has ever been offered in a prison library.  Although good luck making your next book club as cool. ;-)

Until next time!

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