Friday, August 8, 2014

Prison Laugh o' the Day

A clerk asked me if she could go get her canteen after work. Because I don't like to just send people places without verifying that it's ok, I tried to get a hold of Canteen staff on the phone. When they didn't answer I tried the radio and it went like this:
Me: "Any Canteen staff. Library."
*No answer*
Me: "Any Canteen staff. Library."
Staff: "Go for Unit 2."
Me: *thinking maybe Canteen staff are in Unit 2* "Is Canteen there?"
Staff: "Please call 3725."
Me: *calls*
Staff: "Unit 2."
Me: "Hi! It's me in the Library! Is Canteen there?"
Staff: "No...."
Me: "Um, ok. Bye then."
Surely they were pranking me? Who knows haha.

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