Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lockdown, Day 792...I'm getting really tired of scooping butter...

Haha not really, but after 10 days of being locked down it sure seems like it!
Just a quick update for everyone: nobody has tested positive for norovirus so everyone is sick with something else.  Could be the flu, could be a case of She'ssicksoIwillpretendtobesicktoo-itis.  Regardless, this is the longest time in my tenure we have been locked down with no library services.
During this time I have run the gamut of odd jobs and I can now provide a definitive ranking of the jobs mentioned in the previous post.  My top favorite is Canteen. Librarians are perfect canteen workers because we have attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. My line of items filled: no mistakes. Plus, as always, they have snacks.
Laundry has moved up into my second favorite other job but mainly because the staff over there is amazing. It really helps when the staff you are helping expresses their gratitude and laundry staff definitely did while we were there.  Another reason laundry is great is because I wear a Fitbit now and in one day I walked 14,000 steps! I never realized how far you really go when you are just walking from dryer to folding table.  I was also able to teach the laundry staff some new folding methods including the Circle Fold (wrap clothes into a circle with your hands, throw in pile and fold the next one) and the Alternating Color Sheet Folding Pile.  Some might call that ADD.  I call it being creative! 
Finally the kitchen is my third place to work.  It definitely gave me a lot more respect for the huge amount of work that goes into feeding 1,000 people with workers who are not working there because they want to.
Now, luckily, we have escaped to a librarian conference so for the rest of the week we will be filling our brains with best practices and getting excited about our jobs again.  Until next time!

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