Friday, June 28, 2013

Quotable Quotes, Episode 2

Officers got jokes:
A male officer was looking at a magazine in the library office--*reading cover* "8 little things that mess up your skin...I know one thing that will mess up your skin--bobbing for french fries!"

Visitor: "Yes, is this where I go for visiting?"
Lobby Officer: "Not with THAT cleavage!"

"Unit 1, we are ready for your canine program in West Dining."
"Copy, releasing the hounds."

Urban fiction books are wildly popular in prison:
Patron: *Looking up True to the Game* "OHMIGOSH! I can't believe yous guys have those!  I love those books!  Do you know what they're about?  They're like, our lives--IN BOOKS!"

Patron: "Yeah, how do you spell urban?"
Me: "U-R-B-A-N" *thinks I know where this is going* "What are you looking for tonight?"
Patron: "HOOD BOOKS!!"

Cultural Diversity in the Library
* Two African American patrons discussing how to pronounce Janet Evanovich's name*
Patron 1: "I think it's JA'-nay."
Patron 2: "No, it's Jay-NET."

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