Friday, June 29, 2012

Quotable quotes, episode 1

Sometimes I overhear the funniest things at my work, and I just have to laugh, but it is impolite to laugh in peoples' faces, so I just save it up to put on this blog.

Some of my favorites:

Me: "Good evening, would you like to listen to some music tonight?"
Little Old Lady Patron with White Hair and a Cast on her Arm: "No, you don't have any Five Finger Death Punch."

"So I was telling her 'You're in a halfway house and I'm in prison.  This just isn't going to work.'"

Patron: "I need you to find me a good book.  I like books that are about people who've had hard lives."
Me: "Try this one, it's about a girl who got kicked out of her house because she is a lesbian."
Patron: "Are you giving me this book because I'm a lesbian?"
Me: "No, we don't judge here.  I'm giving you this book because it's about a girl who had a hard life and I think you would like it."
**10 minutes later**
Patron to her friend: "Yeah, the librarian gave me this book because I'm a LESBIAN!"
Me: "No, that is not why I gave you that book."
Patron: "Yeah, she gave me this book because it is a good book and she thinks I would like it."


  1. Hi there. I just ran across your blog. I'm an academic librarian now, but am starting my new job as The Senior Librarian at a prison in CA next month. Your blog cracks me up. It also has some pretty good information. I'd love for you to update this again soon.